KONSTELLATION is a fintech company focused on development and implementation of blockchain technology for the global financial services industry. For more information, see "ABOUT US"

Becoming a part of the Konstellation network is simple. Once the "DARCwallet" functionality is live, you will be able to participate in the network via usage and staking of DARC tokens.

The best way to get updates is to join our discord channel! This is where we share the most recent updates and answer any outstanding questions. You can also join our mailing list list, for updates directly from the leadership team on a monthly basis. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/9wP5kkj

The Konstellation team is composed of product development, blockchain development, and financial services professionals with significant experience in the global financial industry. You can find out more about the team leading Konstellation here. "ABOUT US"

You can find Konstellation's FAQ's on our medium page here. https://medium.com/@Konstellation We are consistently updating the FAQ list as we get additional questions from the community.