Konstellation’s development as a provider of blockchain solutions is driven primarily by the massive inefficiencies plaguing financial market globally, coupled with the growing interest in creating and utilizing blockchain technologies from the development community and financial services community as well. Our technology and development team focus on providing blockchain solutions that deliver upon proper transparency, high-grade security, and significant gains in efficiency. Currently, the DARC token, will be utilized on a permissioned blockchain with systems that run natively on the NEM blockchain. The product development team lead by CTO, Stan Solodkyy, is keen on delivering against the company’s revised product roadmap, with additional enhancements to be added on an ongoing basis, based on community feedback. For more information on Konstellation’s technology and development, visit our “Tech Updates.”

Konstellation will accelerate the impact of blockchain solutions for financial services.

In the first half of 2019, we plan on expanding our wallet capabilities from this simple soft wallet into a DARCwallet platform that provides a portal into the DARC token universe. One of the first functionalities we will be folding into this offering is the ability for General Partner (GP) and Limited Partner (LP) to communicate with each other (DarcMail). Additionally, going forward this modular structure of development will allow us to build a lot of features into this front-end environment. As we continue to accomplish development tasks, we will provide updates accordingly.

You can find more details for our product roadmap here.

  • Strong Ecosystem with Key Participants
  • Effective Global Reach with Financial Industry
  • Experienced Advisory, Executive, & Technical Team
  • Transparent - No more offiline interactions
  • Secure - Backed by certified technology
  • Efficient - Significant Reduction In Costs & Time